About me

Why Self Wanderer? Because I want to create a space where the love for travel blends with self-improvement in every aspect. I found out that traveling makes you more curious and develops you. Self Wanderer is a personal journey that I want to share in order to inspire other people to explore the surroundings while discovering themselves. You will see in my travels that I don’t focus on the material but rather on creating unique memories. All this wandering made me a better person, more forgiving and understanding and made me respect more the nature and the people together. We live in such a crazy world that we forgot how to connect with nature and allow ourselves to be amazed by small things.

My personality has not been always as positive as it is today. Growing up in Romania can equally raise and shatter your hopes. Despite this, I have always tried different ways to improve myself.My journey started around 2 years ago when I finally let go of my old-self. I have then decided to be positive, no matter the situation, learn the lessons that life gave me, and enjoy every single moment. I learned that we can achieve whatever we put our minds to.

This state of mind brought amazing people around me and brought me to places I have always been dreaming to go to: from watching the sunset in Jamaica while smoking their traditional “herbs”, camping in Yosemite National Park, visiting the famous Eltz Castle in Germany, riding a bike in Amsterdam, watching the skateboarders at Venice Beach, feeling energized at the top of Bucegi Mountains in Romania to trying several types of beer at Delirium in Brussels.

Ultimately, my goals are to continue to improve myself and hopefully those around me by sharing the love for travel, life inspiration and self-motivation and persuading a better lifestyle with a positive mindset.

The best moment is now! You can start your own journey as of today!

Love and peace, Self Wanderer15871727_1824760197769846_1424803941738201777_n

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