Personalise your phone with EGOSketch | Review

EGOSketch Review | Make your own phone case

Make it your own

We all want to have that unique something and stand out from the rest. Nowadays, with so many people having the last generation of smartphones, especially iPhone, it’s becoming harder and harder to own a phone that represents you. Why not do that with a case? Plus it protects your 1000 $ phone from breaking into pieces so it’s definitely a plus!

Why EGOSketch

I have the iPhone 6s for less than a year and I didn’t carry it a single day without a case! Before that, I owned the 5s, which is completely fine without a case, but when I switched to the 6s, I realized this phone is literally so smooth and slippery that it would definitely not last much in my hands without breaking! For months, I owned just a regular transparent case, but lately I’ve started to like spring colours and patterns more, so I’ve been looking around for something to suit my taste. When I figured out that regular shops have either an ugly model or a bad quality for cases, I gave up to this thought and settled with my simple case. But then I found out about EGOSketch.

EGOSketch Review | Make your own phone caseEGOSketch Review | Make your own phone case
EGOSketch Review | Make your own phone case

The possibilities are endless here

What impressed me most is that you can create your own model and they will print it out for you, whether it’s a tough case, a soft one, or a wallet case. You can even add your favourite pictures or quotes and then get on with it! I’ve created my personalised images in Canva and I couldn’t settle just for one model, so I chose 3 types of cases. I chose 2 tough ones and a soft/transparent one. When the package arrived today I was genuinely impressed with how good their quality is and how the print turned out to be excellent, even though Canva, the program I edited the pictures with, can decrease the quality.

EGOSketch Review | Make your own phone case
EGOSketch Review | Make your own phone case

How to create your own case

First, choose your phone type out of the several ones available, settle for the case model you think it’s best for you, the tough one, transparent or wallet case and then chose an image out of the ones available or upload your own. How simple is that? Ah, and did I say they ship worldwide?

EGOSketch Review | Make your own phone case
EGOSketch Review | Make your own phone case

Personal opinion

I have to say I was surprised with the quality of the cases, I didn’t expect them to be this high quality! My personal favourite is the transparent one, because it’s soft and flexible, and it covers all the corners of your phone, so you know it’s 100% safe in case your phone slips away.

Check out their website:
and Instagram

Disclaimer: I received for free the cases but all opinions are personal and haven’t been influenced by this.


  1. I’m glad you liked these cases. It’s great that you can fully choose the picture. Thanks also for reminding me of the importance of a case. I will soon buy my first smartphone, an iPhone, mainly because of ts accessibility (I’m blind). There are Android phones which you can almost literally throw to the ground and they won’t break, but with iPhones that’s not the case (no pun intended).


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