Flight reviews: Qatar Airways Economy Class Melbourne-Doha

Flying over Doha with Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is the state-owned flag carrier from Qatar, with its headquarters in Doha. Having lost the title of “Airline of the Year” in favor of Emirates last year, Qatar is still ranking high, on the 2nd place best airlines in the world and 1st place for World’s Best Business Class Airlines.

Having heard before that, like any other gulf carrier, Qatar Airways is exquisite and the services are good, I was looking forward to try out their long-haul flights. I flew on the evening of 15th April 2017 from Melbourne to Doha where I took my connection for Bucharest, Romania.


I was very surprised to see that a renowned company like Qatar had the best value for a long-haul flight like Melbourne-Doha. Now, the price wasn’t the cheapest, but for a long-haul of 22 hours, I see no reason paying  aprox. 100$ less, only to end up with 30/40 hours of flight, more than one connection and more time spent in the airport.


For Economy Class, the luggage allowance is a max. 30 kg checked in bag and a carry-on of 7 kg. This is the general allowance for almost all the flights to/from Australia which is very limited in my opinion, given the fact that Australia is far from everything and if you stay for a couple of months it’s definitely not enough! Also, paying for extra luggage easily adds up to at least a couple of hundreds AUD so it’s not an option either. The Business allowance is better, max. 40 kg for the checked-in bags and 15 kg. for carry-on. However, keep in mind that they will weigh every single thing when you go at check-in(they even weighed my little backpack which was beyond annoying, I felt like travelling with low-cost in Europe).

Tip: My boyfriend flew with me on the same flight on Business Class, so we tried upgrading my flight at the airport. Because my carry-on exceeded the 15 kg available for Business, they sent my carry-on to be checked in as well, but that, before we paid for me to be upgraded. When we tried to pay for the upgrade, our credit card got denied so I had to give up the Business Class, however, my bags were already sent to fly Business, with a bigger allowance! This trick can work if you’re sure your credit card will be denied, and if you see that the bags have already been sent on the carousel!

MEALS 4/5*

On this flight, they serve dinner and breakfast, and they also offer sandwiches mid-flight. You’ll have the typical airplane food, cooked according to muslim principles. I appreciated there was real cutlery, and not plastic. They are offering bottles of water after dinner, which came just in hand, because on a 14 hours flight, you get quite dehydrated.

Menu Qatar Airways - Economy Class
Menu Qatar Airways – Economy Class
Menu Qatar Airways - Business Class
Menu Qatar Airways – Business Class
Menu Qatar Airways - Economy Class
Menu Qatar Airways – Economy Class

STAFF 3/5*

I was not a big fan of the staff from the ground, while the flight attendants were nice, but, in my opinion, a bit short-staffed for such a big airplane and a long-haul flight like this.


Impressive selection of movies, honestly the best one I’ve seen on any airline. You’ll find from recent blockbusters like Fantastic Beasts, Collateral Beauty, Passengers, La La Land, to classics like 500 Days of Summer, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Series, Devil Wears Prada and many more. I’ve also appreciated the screen, which seemed bigger than the ones I’ve seen so far on other companies.

Entertainment System Oryx One - Qatar Airways Economy Class
Entertainment System Oryx One – Qatar Airways Economy Class
Entertainment System Oryx One - Qatar Airways Economy Class
Entertainment System Oryx One – Qatar Airways Economy Class


I got disappointed with the bathrooms, they were very small, not to say that 2 bathrooms got broken, and that only on my side of the plane…

SEATS 3/5*

The seat was comfortable enough in order for me to sleep most of the flight, though my neck-pillow and my small backpack used as a feet-support helped even more. It can feel quite rigid sometimes, and my boyfriend told me that in Business Class it felt the same, especially compared with companies like British Airways, where we flew together Business last year from the US. Also, compared to a long-haul flight on Turkish Airlines, the seats on Qatar were less better.


Each passenger on Economy Class receives an amenity kit that contains a pair of socks, eye mask, toothbrush and toothpaste, and some ear plugs. Again, compared to Turkish Airlines, where you also receive lip balm and a cream, the amenity kit from Qatar Airways is less better.


The flight was on time, however most of the flights Melbourne-Doha with a connection for European cities like Bucharest and London have a short stop-over: around one hour and a half. Time to get off the plane and go through the security in Doha, you have to surf quite fast through the airport in order to catch your connection. However, they keep count of the passengers with a connection so there may be cases where they will wait for you to arrive.

Flying over Doha with Qatar Airways
Flying over Doha with Qatar Airways

Hopefully I offered you some valuable information, because I answered some of the questions I actually had before to fly, so it’s always good to know what to expect. I would appreciate for you to subscribe to my blog if you liked this article and you found it useful.

In your opinion, which was the best company you flew with?

Love, Self Wanderer


  1. I totally agree with your opponion. I used to fly with them a few years back and if I compare them with the Economy Class from Turkish Airlines, they fall way behind. These companies focus much more on the rich clientele going above and beyond, but that cuts obviously from the ones that are not able to pay more. I don’t find that equitable and so I make my buying decision accordingly.


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