Stroll the city in style

Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to go on my blog! As you may know, most of my posts are related to travel, since I honestly think that’s the most interesting part of my life I can share. However I also like to promote a good lifestyle, positive mindset and basically some good vibes for everyone.

This week I came up with an outfit for the city, one that allows you to be comfortable while wandering the streets and also looking fabulous while at it, cause we all need to have that #followmeto picture when we visit a new place right?

The QUAY AUSTRALIA sunglasses can highlight any outfit and they are becoming more and more popular around the world. Needless to say, they were my favorite part of this outfit.

The backpack is a must in everyone’s wardrobe whether you have a classy, minimalist or casual style. I never leave without mine, especially when I travel, so I can have my wallet, lipstick, bottle of water, a protein bar and sometimes a sweater just in case.




Boots ZARA

Love, Self Wanderer


  1. I absolutely love all the floral! It really makes me excited for summer! I am too afraid to try mirrored sunglasses, though they look great on everyone this season!


  2. Loving your style here, the dress looks so light and comfortable and the floral in both the dress and backpack are so on trend right now! Those sunglasses are fantastic, I can see why they are catching on everywhere x


  3. I love this look. The dress is so pretty and looks great teamed with the boots and backpack. Those sunglasses are gorgeous, I can see why they’re your favourite part of the outfit.


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