The Great Ocean Road Adventure

Great Ocean Road Australia - Twelve Apostles

 Hello everyone and welcome on my little virtual adventure corner! Nice to have a break after some hectic days full of adventure and discoveries in Australia on The Great Ocean Road and after in New Zealand in the northern island.

 As some of you may know, my sister got back to Los Angeles after 2 months in Melbourne and I couldn’t let this happen without planning a day for ourselves, and what better way to spend it than discovering some of the greatest places of Australia?

 Luckily I’ve found a company called Sight Seeing Australia that offered just the tour we needed for a reasonable price (96 AUD). Now, the tour was a bit hectic and with a tight schedule, but then again, we did got to see a lot of places: Melba Gully State Park, The 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and London Bridge. We even saw some lazy koalas in Kennett River, a small seaside town in Victoria. Morning tea and lunch was also included in the price. This is the kind of view that you get driving along the Great Ocean Road. The tour is great because it allows you to see everything major along it just in one day, but if you have the time, doing this road on a van and stopping wherever you feel like could be a wonderful experience.From the Memorial Arch that officially opens the Great Ocean Road you have this small path leading to the beach.Next stop was the small town called Kennett River where the guide tour promised us we will see koalas! Luckily we saw a few of them climbed up in the trees and it was a nice experience, even though they are too lazy and don’t move too much 😴 We also got to see some colorful parrots that happened to be very friendly!

Fun facts about Koalas: They are not bears but marsupials. Koalas often sleep for up to 18-20 hours each day because it requires a lot of energy to digest their toxic, fibrous, low-nutrition diet.

Melba Gully State Park was next on our list, where we could breathe some fresh air in the rainforest. The flora of Australia is unique so I was very impressed to see some species of trees and plants I’ve never seen before.Alright, now off to the highlight of the day and the most popular attraction on The Great Ocean Road: The Twelve Apostles. The apostles were formed by erosion: the harsh and extreme weather conditions  from the Southern Ocean gradually eroded the soft limestone to form caves in the cliffs, which then became arches, which in turn collapsed leaving rock stacks up to 50 meters high. There are currently 8 apostles left.

The Great Ocean Road – Twelve Apostles

The Great Ocean Road – Twelve Apostles

Our next stop, Loch Ard Gorge is named after the clipper ship Loch Ard that beached on nearby Muttonbird Island after a tumultuous journey from England. Unfortunately, only two of the 54 passengers survived.

The Great Ocean Road Australia – Twelve Apostles
The Great Ocean Road Australia – Loch Ard Gorge

Finally, last but not least we stopped at London Bridge. On the evening of 15 January 1990 the main arch connecting London Bridge to the mainland cracked an fell into the sea. Fortunately no one was injured. Two people marooned on the new island were rescued hours later by helicopter.

The Great Ocean Road Australia – London Bridge

The Great Ocean Road Australia – London Bridge

So this is how our Great Ocean Road adventure looked like. I hope I managed to give you guys a wanderlust feeling and to inspire you to explore more when you have the chance. It was a truly great experience and it wouldn’t have happened without the need to create memories. I realized we live in a pretty awesome world but what’s most important is your perspective about it. I will be missing my sister for a while but we created memories to last a lifetime and I’m really grateful for that!

Stay tuned for my next adventure in New Zealand!

Love, Self Wanderer


  1. Miss my girls.. ❤️
    Those photos are just fabulous! 💛
    I hope you are looking for a new and wonderful idea in your next vacation..
    Love your cousin from 🇹🇩❗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yaaaay ❤ ❤ ❤
    Seems that it was a fun day full of sisters adventures and memories. I love those pictures with the ocean in the backround. In fact every pictures it's beautiful and sunny and makes me smile. I 'm happy for you! :*
    Miss you and your sister!


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