Why it’s important to listen?

We are all different enclosures of information and when we listen we transfer the energy of thought through imagination rather than action and experience.
Listening is similar to reading in the way that you can completely let go of your ego. Acting by ego can burden your evolving path. Patterns of emotions and a deeper comprehension occur when you let go of the ego and challenging your imagination with the understanding of something you have not experienced can add valuable lessons to your life.

Reading, listening and paying attention can give you such a great perspective on things and can strongly develop the mind. It’s not a coincidence that the most successful people read everyday. Warren Buffet is devoting around 80% of the day for reading. How did Elon Musk learn to build rockets? ‘I read books,’ he says.

My favorite book so far is called “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. This exquisite writing, yet an easy read, summons the importance of listening by giving brief examples and stories where people have profited from a situation just by listening and paying attention to other people’s needs. One important lesson that I got reading this is that everyone’s favorite person is themselves. As it is in business, if you are trying to win a contract, just think from other’s perspective and try to speak about their needs, not yours.img

Listening is broadening your way of comprehension. Have you noticed that only smart people listen? And that only smart people are open to suggestions? People that are very closed in their opinions are the ones being radicals, or the ones promoting hate or non-acceptance. They value their opinion as an universal truth but little do they know that most of the universal truths today were though to be heresies.

Listen more, pay attention and you might just find yourself smarter, thinking wider and with an aerial perspective. Keep your perspectives open and try not to take something as granted. The greatest writings and the most fascinating films are open-ended. And why is that? Because imagination hold no boundaries and the most beautiful thing it’s mystery. So let’s allow ourselves to not hold all of the answers and let our life be an open door for perception.

Love, Self Wanderer

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