How to travel on a budget

The world is big but you want to see it all. We all want to travel all year round but we have a problem. Money.

What are the best ways to travel without ending up bankrupt? I will share some tips which have worked out for me while traveling.

Book your flight on a Tuesday

This is a common knowledge for travelers, but I was surprised to find out that a lot of people are still not aware of this fact. Why is Tuesday the best day to travel? FareCompare‘s data says that many airlines release weekly sales late Monday or early Tuesday, and by mid-afternoon, the competing airlines have matched the lower prices, therefore this is usually the time when you’ll have the most deals to choose from.

Use SkyScanner and pick a budget airline

I use this platform every time I book a ticket. The site will compare all fares and you can also set an alert for destinations and prices. In Europe I used the program WizzAir Discount, which costs around 40€ for a year, but will bring you great discounts for flights and extra luggage. The last time I flew with them Brussels-Bucharest I paid 10€ for one way. Awesome right?

Airbnb and are your best friends

Accommodation can eat up most of the travel budget, but with Airbnb and Booking you have a wide variety of places to choose from. Check the reviews, the location and plan ahead. What’s great with Airbnb is that you can buy food and cook at home which will help your budget a lot.

Use applications for Happy Hours

Applications like Happy Hour Finder or Scoutmob can come in handy when you are traveling. You can find even 50% discounts for drinks and dinner.

Skip the souvenirs

Let’s face it, that fridge magnet you bought from Mallorca doesn’t really bring you joy. Traveling more and more, you get to realize that the souvenirs are just tourist traps and your mother will get over the fact that you missed to bring her something.

Get deals on Groupon

Everybody knows Groupon, but it’s not really the first thing we think of when we travel. Planning my trip to Bali soon, I got a hold of some great deals for tours around the island, some of them at half the price. Just be sure to call and confirm the reservations before buying the vouchers and you’ll be set!

Don’t get caught in tourist traps

You will enjoy the places much better on your own or with a small group rather than organized groups. And this is a great way to save money as well. Visit free museums, parks, public squares, beaches, famous streets or landmarks and play it as a local would. For instance, we took a local cruise on the Bosphorus in Istanbul rather than a touristic one.

That’s about all I could think of for a budget-friendly trip. Don’t forget that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. You will gain experience and will understand better other cultures while wandering the world.

Love, Self Wanderer


  1. Very good tips! I use a few of them myself and Skyscanner is a godsend. Recently Airbnb has gotten pretty expensive though unless you’re staying way out of the city center. Though I’d gladly pay that for the local experience sometimes!


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