2016 Travel Journal Part 2

Hope Station 9 AM.

Despite the heavy smell of fuel and metal, the train station is flooded with the scent of hope, big dreams and changes. As I try to remember why exactly am I here, standing in the middle, observing people in a hurry, I couldn’t help but wonder: where do people go when they have to go? Before I figure out anything, this thought flies away, disturbed by a strong feminine voice. All passengers are asked to board Train 2016 with the next destinations: San Francisco, Bucharest, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Las Vegas, Brussels, Turin, Jamaica, Grand Canyon, Luxembourg, Eltz Castle, Lyon, Valley of Fire… And then it all made sense. I remembered why we were all here. We were all supposed to board this colorful train train that will take us to amazing destinations. So, are you ready?

May: Lyon, France; Eltz Castle, Germany

I found Lyon to be more charming than Paris, a city where you can fully embrace the French culture.

This castle is Instagram-famous and it’s considered the most beautiful in Germany. It is located in the hills above Moselle River and it is still owned by the original family(Eltz) that lives in a part of the castle.

June: Belval, Esch-sur-Sure, Luxembourg; Cochem,Germany

Due to the dominance of the steelworks, Belval suffered from the abandonment of steel production in Luxembourg, and is undergoing an extensive regeneration program.

This place represents the charming Luxembourgish country-side. Scenic roads and endless forest.

Cochem is a lovely town in Germany, located on Moselle Valley. The area is renowned for its wine production.

July: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, USA 

Las Vegas is amazingly hot in the summer. I was truly mesmerized by all the hotels and casinos here. Everything is large scale!

We continued our West-Coast Trip with Los Angeles, which at first was a disappointment. As an advice, don’t include Hollywood Walk of Fame in your plans to LA, the city has much more to offer: Downtown, Venice Beach, Griffith Observatory, Manhattan Beach, Getty Museum, Sunset Boulevard… Discovering all these and more made me keep LA a special place in my heart.

August: San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Valley of Fire, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, USA

San Francisco was cold but amazing. We only stayed 24 hours here, visiting the pier and Golden Gate Bridge. Here we also rented the van that will take us to more extraordinary places.

Yosemite was my favorite part from the whole trip, this place is simply amazing.

Valley of Fire is called like that for a reason, we spent the hottest night in here!

Grand Canyon North Rim was a breath of fresh air after the last place.

The Hoover Dam is impressive in its structure, not to mention insanely hot! We visited this place in the afternoon, before our flight, and 15 minutes were enough to almost make me faint. If you visit the place, make sure you carry enough water with you!

Have you visited any of this place? Tell me your opinions about it and stay tuned for the next posts!

Love, Self Wanderer

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