2016 Travel Journal Part 1

The year is finally almost over, and I think we all need a fresh start in order to let go of past year’s sorrows. 2016 wasn’t easy for me either, but the best way to describe it is: “challenging” ; Leaving my country and moving to Luxembourg, a country I knew nothing about. Then traveling for more than two months and arriving in Australia, far far away from everything I once related with. Talk about a fresh start!

2016 was a shift year for everybody. With all the political, social, environmental matters changing, I think it urged a change in all of us. One thing we can be sure, this is the beginning of a new era, and it depends on us to make it better. We learn more from bad experiences than from good ones, so let’s make 2017 a great one, because we evolved and we are prepared for the magnificent things life has to offer.

The past year brought me a lot of experiences, it brought me to places I’ve only dreamed about, and, looking back, I like to think I am a better person than before. Putting down on a list all the new places I’ve visited every month this year I realized life is truly amazing, so the only thing I can do more is to share, hoping to inspire others to dream more, wish more, do more, because in the end, life will give you everything that you think about! Perseverance is the key!

1. January: Brussels, Belgium 

Short but fulfilling, Brussels gave me a breathe of fresh air with its amazing architecture, European city vibes full of history but modern at the same time.

2. February: Turin, Pesinetto, Barolo, Lago Maggiore, Italy; Luxembourg

Visiting Italy with my sister and my best friend just before moving to Luxembourg was a meaningful experience. Saying goodbye never felt better, surrounded by stunning nature, lovely people, mouthwatering food and interesting traditions. Italy is one of my favorite countries for holidays, while Luxembourg is a great place to settle, right in the heart of Europe, with a high standard of living.


Barolo, Piedmont

Lago Maggiore


Luxembourg Ville

3. March: Frankfurt, Germany

Spent roughly 24 hours here, but it was enough to learn some things about Frankfurt, see some important European institutions and get a hold of its multiculturalism.

4. April: Brasserie d’Achouffe, Belgium; Negril, Jamaica

Spring officially started with this lovely day spent in Belgium, where we got to visit the beer factory and then had a tasting of several types of beer. At the end of the month we arrived in the tropical Jamaica, seeing the whitest sand and the clearest lovely water. I don’t know if it’s the weed but people are very nice here and tourist are welcomed by everybody!

Brasserie d’Achouffe

Negril, Jamaica

And that’s just the first part! Stay tuned, there is still more to come, the adventure just started!

Love, Self Wanderer

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