Melbourne Journey: Greetings from “down under”

Do you ever stop and think about the people crossing by? Do you ever get the feeling that you are somehow connected to them? That you have the great gift of sight in order to comprehend the path you are going to, the great and mysterious things out there. All that for you to find your own journey.

My journey brought me to Melbourne. The Economist named this place 6th times in a row “best city to live in the world”. Of course I wondered what is the criteria for that to happen. But, instead of looking through the numbers and statistics, I decided to go out there and explore.


At first sight, this city struck me as a place of contrast. The fact is, this place has it all: financial center, botanical gardens, river promenade, heaps of tourists, palm trees, beautiful beaches, lovely coffee shops, art galleries, museums, skyscrapers, free tram in the city and so much more. It’s a weird feeling but this city doesn’t make me feel like a stranger even though I am more than 13.000 km away from home.


The best thing about Melbourne, especially as a tourist, is that you can discover the city at no cost. Wander around in Federation Square, take a walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens, discover the small streets filled with urban art (yes, this city is crazy with graffiti), be amazed by the Shrine of Remembrance and end the day watching the sunset at St. Kilda Beach. The free tram system in the city is quite helpful, however outside of the special zone tickets can be pricey (around 4 AUD).

Shrine of Remembrance

Melbourne is renowned for its coffee shops culture so make sure to include this on your to-do list if you find yourself here. I actually did an “experiment” from a random place in the city, and found a hidden gem just one minute away. I think one of the best parts about this city are its hidden gems: streets full of bars and cafés where you least expect it. Some places can be quite expensive (40 AUD for a pizza) but you can always find a pub where you can eat and for less than 20 AUD. And then there are the happy hours when you can have a pint for 6-7 AUD.

Queen Victoria Gardens
Southbank (on the left Eureka Tower)
St. Kilda
Random street in the city center
CBD and Yarra River
St. Kilda Botanical Gardens
St. Kilda Beach
Queen Victoria Gardens
Melbourne Central
Random street in the city center
African beers Happy Hour at polēpolē
Victoria Library

Love, Self Wanderer

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