Day of the Dead in Los Angeles

The Halloween Parade last night was a completely unique experience. It is unique especially from an European’s point of view when u compare it to the Halloween parties on the other side of the “pond”. We have all heard of Los Angeles as the City of Angels but on this particular night something shifts. Here people love to put on a mask, or to play characters, and no surprise since this is Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe once said : “Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul”. Coming back to the Halloween Parade on Santa Monica boulevard, it is definitely a must-do if you find yourself in Los Angeles around this time. Not only that Americans take super seriously their Halloween costumes but some of them go completely crazy for it. From Marvel characters to monsters, scary animals, corpses to some ingenious ones like shower cabins and even the wall Donald Trump wants to build across the border with Mexico.
As everything is a show in Los Angeles this parade does not fail to impress and the experience altogether will definitely amaze you. Since the Americans invented this holiday, they do it best, and with this kind of Parades that take place around the country you can take part of the show yourself.

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